Facilities & Equipment


 The company operates in 47,500 square feet of production space.  Our shops are equipped with the necessary machines and tooling to insure that all work is accomplished on time and in a cost effective manner. Our 300-ton presses and large lathes, up to 24 feet between centers, are examples of the capacity that we have to take care of our customer's needs.


AAA maintains a fleet of 20 service vehicles to insure prompt pick-up and delivery. We also operate portable machining and welding equipment so that many jobs can be performed on the customer's job site to further reduce downtime.

Our Team

Front Row Supervisors Left to Right: Mike Davidson and Duck Farler. Second Row Left to Right: Jerry Owens, Greg Francis, Don Coots, and James Robertson.  Back Row Left to Right: John Wright, Doug Handshoe, Anthony Combs and Brent Cornett
                              Exceeding Customer Expectations

AAA Mine Service, Inc. has been successful because we exceed our customer's expectations. We make every effort to build lasting relationships with our customers so that we can anticipate their needs and fulfill them. Making the most cost-effective decision to get your equipment back in service is what keeps our customers coming back.  AAA will repair the repairable or we will rebuild to suit. We fabricate for the coal, timber, manufacturing and construction industries. Our goal is to be there when the customer needs us and to have the job completed on schedule.

AAA is now rebuilding scoops as well as fabricating them. AAA has a complete line of fabricated continuous haulage equipment and our customers rave about our designs because the have proven to be more durable, allowing more coal to be produced.